Crown Lifting

Crown lifting as the name suggests is the removal of the lowest branches in the trees canopy, this is generally considered less stressful to the tree, good practice will dictate that only secondary branches are to be removed but in some circumstances it may be necessary to remove a main structural branch. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing the light level coming from underneath the trees canopy or improving access underneath the tree. See pictures below

Crown lifting should be specified with reference to a fix point, with regards to the Birch tree shown above a crown lift of 4M above ground level was specified and performed.

Every job is different from the next presenting different problems requiring us to tailor methods to best suit the tree owner’s needs, it may be necessary to remove just one branch which is causing a problem (i.e. damaging a fence or wall etc.) or cutting back overhanging nuisance branches from a neighbouring tree or even performing one or more of the above mentioned operations (Crown thin, Crown lift, Crown reduction) on the same tree, you can rest assured that all our work is of a very high standard which meets British Standards BS3998, BS5837.

Many trees are legally protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) or fall under a conservation area, felling or even pruning a protected tree without permission from your Local Planning Authority being given can lead to a criminal offence being committed, it is therefore our responsibility to investigate before any tree works are performed whether any restrictions apply and help if requested with any applications to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

Our full ranges of services include;

  • Free advice/quotes on tree or hedge problems
  • Hedge/Bush trimming
  • Crown reductions/Reshaping/Pollarding
  • Crown thinning/Lifting
  • Replanting
  • Removal/Felling
  • Stump grinding
  • Supplying timber and logs

All debris and timber is removed and all our work is carried out to British Standards (bs3998)