Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is a method used to remove the root ball of a tree that has been cut to ground level. The stumps are ‘ground’ using specialist stump grinding machines which utilize a large steel wheel with tungsten tipped finger teeth positioned evenly around it. The wheel rotates at high speed while the operator gently moves the machine from side to side grinding the stump out.

We use a Carlton 900 Stump Grinder which is ideal for squeezing through garden gates and other narrow accesses requiring only 24″, this machine will cut to a depth of 9″ below soil level which is more than sufficient to allow re-turfing or replanting on the same spot, we also have access to much larger machines to deal with the largest of tree stumps when necessary.

The benefits of stump grinding is the lack of disturbance to the surrounding area around the stump resulting in paths, foundations, driveways etc. remaining unaffected by the removal of the stump, however in certain circumstances we can use alternative methods such as winching to pull the stump out of the ground however there is a risk of disruption to the surrounding area.

The cost of stump grinding depends largely on the width of the stump but other factors have to be taken into consideration also, feel free to contact us should you wish to arrange for a free quotation.